Jim Hanifer

Meet our Volunteers: Jim Hanifer

Offering others the same type of help and encouragement that I received myself

What motivated you to volunteer at The Hawthorne?
I wanted to offer others the same type of help and encouragement that I received here at the Hawthorne. I came here not long after being diagnosed. Soon, I no longer felt so alone, and was given support and information that made me better prepared for my future.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?
Meeting newly diagnosed patients and helping them get through the initial hurdles.

What situation has touched you the most?
Not long ago, late on a Friday afternoon, a woman walked into the center and came up to my desk. “Can I help you?” I asked. She responded in a quiet voice, “No one can help me!” I invited her to sit down and suggested we just talk. Indeed she had a lot of problems: cancer, divorce, finances, and children gone astray. We had some coffee and I listened for close to an hour. It proved to be a big help to her to have someone give her that time. At the end, we said a few common prayers and she left with a smile on her face.

Jim Hanifer has been a Hawthorne Volunteer since 2001 and you’ll find him at The Hawthorne Cancer Center on Fridays.

Our volunteers are an integral part of the Hawthorne Cancer Center. Significantly, most are former cancer patients. From answering phones to engaging with those who come in new to the center, they are here for us every day of the week. We couldn’t offer the same helpful and nurturing environment without them.


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