Bob Bensen

Meet our Volunteers: Bob Bensen

My Journey to survival

What motivated you to volunteer at The Hawthorne?
At the time I was diagnosed, I saw a significant relevance between my journey to survival and to people that would come through the center. I felt a kinship with them that I couldn’t ignore.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?
Observing patients who come in early in their diagnosis, who present with little or no hope, and who soon develop bright eyes and smiles and a hopeful outlook!

What situation has touched you the most?
Watching the reactions of people at our songwriting concerts that sets their words about their cancer journey to music, especially the kids and their parents.

Bob Bensen has been a Hawthorne Volunteer since 2001 and you’ll find him at The Hawthorne Cancer Center on Wednesdays.

Our volunteers are an integral part of the Hawthorne Cancer Center. Significantly, most are former cancer patients. From answering phones to engaging with those who come in new to the center, they are here for us every day of the week. We couldn’t offer the same helpful and nurturing environment without them.

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