What is the paper crane project?

A diagnosis of cancer certainly turns your life upside down. The journey is often long, difficult, and lonely — and it can be hard to maintain the energy needed to persevere.

The Paper Crane Project offers ways to show our support even when we don’t know how to help. The Paper Crane Project is a destination for sharing stories, inspiration, and ideas — creating community so no one feels alone. Because every challenge we confront together with optimism, support, and love serves to strengthen our will, confidence, and our ability to confront obstacles.

So let’s get started…

A heartwarming way to show someone you care

Legend tells us the creation of a paper crane can lead to the granting of wishes. There are three easy ways to make a wish.


Simple Coloring Sheet


Advanced Coloring Sheet

Make your own PAPER CRANE

How to make a paper crane
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After making your wish, take a photo of yourself holding your paper crane and share this photo on your favorite social networks with the hashtag #thepapercraneproject in the description so we can find it and share it too! Or, if you prefer, email your photo to us at hello@thepapercraneproject.com.

Dedicate a paper crane and help someone in needBuild a paper crane mobile. DIY kit for groups, classrooms, or families.A custom mobile built for you! Own your own one-of-a-kind work of art.

    A community where you can share your story

    Learn from those who are fighting cancer and winning

    Cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone on the planet in one way or another. It can breed fear, frustration, and misunderstanding. But it also creates stories of perseverance, healing, love, and victory that we don’t often hear…

    We want to hear your story of inspiration and victory. Drop us a note to find out how you can share your story with The Paper Crane Project community.

    Help us assist those in desperate need right now

    Please support The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

    The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to providing assistance to individuals and their families while they wage their battle against cancer. We assist cancer patients in a variety of ways through financial and emotional support.

    The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation
    Paper Crane Folding Event
    The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

    Get in Touch

    The Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Thomas Johns Cancer Hospital.


    Monday – Tuesday 9am – 5pm

    Wednesday 9am – 8pm

    Thursday 9am – 4pm

    Friday 9am – 3pm


    NameThe Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

    Address 1401 Johnston Willis Drive, Richmond, VA 23235

    Phone 804.483.6136

    Fax 804.483.5174

    Email help@hawthornecancerfoundation.org